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I'm a terrible photographer. When someone asks me to take his or her picture (yes, sometimes people prefer that over selfie) I always suggest to ask my wife. She's the family photographer. But I have two photography kingdoms - The sky and the underwater world.
So how did I start?
As long as I remember myself, I loved astronomy. in 1998 I purchased my first telescope and shortly after that I felt the urge to share what I see with others. for years I tried to produce brilliant astrophotography pictures with low budget equipment, but failed every time. Then I discovered the wide-field astrophotography and started to focus on that.
For astrophotography I use Nikon D3100 with 18-200mm zoom Tamron lens.
And for the underwater world:
In 2014 I completed my advance open water diving certification.
Since then I've been diving (mostly with my son) and taking pictures of the sea life that we meet underwater.
Underwater pictures are taken with a Nikon 1J1 camera with 10-30 zoom lens in a Nikon underwater case. I use the camera's built in flash. I know it produces very low light so I take the picture from a very short distance (20-30 cm from the object).
I hope you enjoy these pictures and I would love to read your comments.
All pictures in this website are free to be used for non commercial purposes.
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